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Whole Person Cancer Care

Module 3 - Tools and Resources for Delivering Whole Person Care (WPCC3)

This module will discuss how person-centered care integrates with standard tumor focused treatment to create a whole person care approach. We will illustrate how The Two-Circle Model of Whole Person Care can be used as a straightforward way to redesign delivery for whole person care in routine clinical settings. These changes require a mindset shift by all members of the team. We will also discuss how to show your practice administration how this approach supports value-based payment and better overall business.
  • Accreditation Information
  • AMA continuing medical education terms and conditions
  • Introduction
  • Welcome
  • Objectives
  • Whole Person Care Delivered by the Whole Team Using the HOPE Note Approach
  • The HOPE Note Process
  • What Patients Want From Integrative Care
  • Doing a Whole Person Care Visit: When to Start
  • But I Don’t Have Time
  • Doing a Whole Person Care Visit: How
  • The HOPE Note Toolkit
  • The HOPE Note Toolkit
  • The Whole Person Care Visit and the HOPE Note
  • The Personalized Healing Plan
  • The Integrative Oncology Solution Guide
  • The Whole Person Care Process
  • Tips for Delivering Whole Person Care
  • Optimizing Patients’ Self-Care
  • Changing Your Care System to Provide Whole Person Care
  • Implementing Change for Wellbeing
  • Talking to Administration
  • The Business Case for Whole Person Care
  • Evidence: Achieving Better Outcomes
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Reorganizing Practice: Integrating Healing into Care
  • Get Started
  • Wrap-up
  • Certification Options
  • Completion Certificate and Continuing Medical Education Credit
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever